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Friday was fairly uneventful.  Up early, laundry (breaking the no chores rule), paper, gym, lunch date with friends, shopping (hello Semi-Annual Sale), overdue pedicure, spent the rest of the day on email then made dinner.  I’ve established a semi-routine, and as the novelty wears off and the weather improves I’ll start pre-planning my day to really maximize it.

But I’m also realizing it’s OK to shift a weekend task or two into Friday.  I really needed to do laundry, and was done with it by 10am.  Day wasn’t lost. Besides walking to and from lunch, I didn’t do any outdoor activities, but Sunday morning I ran along the river, and Monday (a holiday!) went for a great hike in the woods.

The more important thing is what’s starting to happen on the other days — the work days.  Maybe it’s also because I’m eating better and exercising more that I’m slowly starting to feel better about myself, but I’m definitely sensing a…calm starting to insinuate itself into days 1-4.

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Over drinks on Saturday night, I admitted to my companion feeling slight twinges of guilt over not working on Friday.


“Because I’m not working when other people are.”

“But you’re working on yourself.”

Good point.  Why feel bad about doing something for myself?  Friday I ran 3 miles (outside!), read the paper, went to the doctor, took myself out to lunch, and watched a movie I’d missed several months back.

Empowerment in, guilt out.

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I have a doctor’s appointment today, right smack dab in the middle of the day.  When I made it I was still working Fridays so the intention was to go to the appointment (a good 45 minutes from my office) then take the rest of the day off.  Now that I have the whole day off I’m annoyed it’s going to take up my entire afternoon.

That said, I do still have the morning, so time to review my self-imposed rules on how to spend the 5th day:

  • Don’t treat it like Saturday
    This means no sleeping in, no being hungover, no chores, no lounging in PJs all day.  I’ve already bent this rule, but I knew today would be sort of a wash on account of the doctor’s appointment.
  • Go to the gym
    When you don’t have to go to work there’s really no excuse not to go to the gym.  Especially when it’s across the street from your house.
  • Do something outside
    I spend 4 days a week cooped up in my office staring at a computer screen.  Spending the 5th day cooped up in my apartment staring at a computer screen isn’t any better.  Even though the weather isn’t ideal now, getting outside is a really important part of this.

Off to the gym…

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For many Americans, Wednesday is “hump day”, but when you work 4 days a week hump “day” is technically Tuesday night, which I spent relaxing on the couch watching TV.  Today begins the second half of my first 4-day week — two more days to cram in a week’s worth of work.

I also spent some of last night figuring out a new blogging platform.  I’m using WordPress for this blog, in the spirit of challenging myself to learn something new.  My other blogs are hosted on Blogger, a basic but very functional platform owned by Google that integrates nicely into their suite of web-based products.

But why stick with what I know!

Granted, I’m using the web-based hosted version of WordPress (, just dipping my toes and not diving into downloading and manually configuring what is essentially a very powerful CMS.  For now.

Expect the look/feel and functionality to evolve over the weeks (months?) to come (or however long I keep this up.)  I typically obsess over every little detail being perfect before putting something out there, but screw that.  There will be mistakes and changes and a lot of making it up as I go along.  This is a work in progress happening in real time.

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Preparing to go to work yesterday, the first day back from the holiday, I played over and over in my mind how to explain to people what I was doing.  Why I was doing it.  Why I had to do it.

Being direct is always the best way to go, and when I told my staff I was met with wide eyes and smiles.  I don’t really know what sort of reaction I expected but their sincere “Good for you!” was a nice way to start the week.

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In January 2010 I downsized myself to a 4-day work week. Objective: regain some of the time I've lost, and maybe discover something new about myself.

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