For many Americans, Wednesday is “hump day”, but when you work 4 days a week hump “day” is technically Tuesday night, which I spent relaxing on the couch watching TV.  Today begins the second half of my first 4-day week — two more days to cram in a week’s worth of work.

I also spent some of last night figuring out a new blogging platform.  I’m using WordPress for this blog, in the spirit of challenging myself to learn something new.  My other blogs are hosted on Blogger, a basic but very functional platform owned by Google that integrates nicely into their suite of web-based products.

But why stick with what I know!

Granted, I’m using the web-based hosted version of WordPress (, just dipping my toes and not diving into downloading and manually configuring what is essentially a very powerful CMS.  For now.

Expect the look/feel and functionality to evolve over the weeks (months?) to come (or however long I keep this up.)  I typically obsess over every little detail being perfect before putting something out there, but screw that.  There will be mistakes and changes and a lot of making it up as I go along.  This is a work in progress happening in real time.

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