I have a doctor’s appointment today, right smack dab in the middle of the day.  When I made it I was still working Fridays so the intention was to go to the appointment (a good 45 minutes from my office) then take the rest of the day off.  Now that I have the whole day off I’m annoyed it’s going to take up my entire afternoon.

That said, I do still have the morning, so time to review my self-imposed rules on how to spend the 5th day:

  • Don’t treat it like Saturday
    This means no sleeping in, no being hungover, no chores, no lounging in PJs all day.  I’ve already bent this rule, but I knew today would be sort of a wash on account of the doctor’s appointment.
  • Go to the gym
    When you don’t have to go to work there’s really no excuse not to go to the gym.  Especially when it’s across the street from your house.
  • Do something outside
    I spend 4 days a week cooped up in my office staring at a computer screen.  Spending the 5th day cooped up in my apartment staring at a computer screen isn’t any better.  Even though the weather isn’t ideal now, getting outside is a really important part of this.

Off to the gym…

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