Friday was fairly uneventful.  Up early, laundry (breaking the no chores rule), paper, gym, lunch date with friends, shopping (hello Semi-Annual Sale), overdue pedicure, spent the rest of the day on email then made dinner.  I’ve established a semi-routine, and as the novelty wears off and the weather improves I’ll start pre-planning my day to really maximize it.

But I’m also realizing it’s OK to shift a weekend task or two into Friday.  I really needed to do laundry, and was done with it by 10am.  Day wasn’t lost. Besides walking to and from lunch, I didn’t do any outdoor activities, but Sunday morning I ran along the river, and Monday (a holiday!) went for a great hike in the woods.

The more important thing is what’s starting to happen on the other days — the work days.  Maybe it’s also because I’m eating better and exercising more that I’m slowly starting to feel better about myself, but I’m definitely sensing a…calm starting to insinuate itself into days 1-4.

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